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There are not many singers today who are really qualified. This does not mean that there are no beautiful voices. There are, however, only few beautiful voices that are well trained enough to perform in big roles.

Maria Callas

Master Class


How singers’ voice problems come about

Most singers must perform for years under conditions that are detrimental to the voice (cold dusty stages, bad acoustics, not enough rehearsals, pressure to do well, air conditioned vehicles and hotel rooms, and so on).

Even with a good vocal technique, such situations must often be compensated for by the voice, so that a performance will nevertheless be satisfactory in both musical and singing terms. Over time, this kind of compensation patterns creep in unnoticed and become set.

This often works well for a surprisingly long time, but some time or other the last straw will break the camel’s back. The balance of the voice gets disturbed. Swelling of the vocal cords, nodes or functional disorders of the voice occur.

The high notes become difficult or are completely lost. Changes of register become audible and the voice breaks or sounds breathy in certain ranges. In general, the voice quickly becomes tired and regenerates more and more slowly.

Urgently needed rest is often taken too late, or even not taken at all, and, in many cases, the changes in the tissues harden and surgery becomes necessary.