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Courses and Trainings


On request I am happy to offer lectures, courses, workshops, and training in my subjects. The contents and the time frames can be geared to the occasion and the wishes of the organiser.

Further Education for Singing Teachers

Continuing training for singing students, voice teachers, and singers who already teach or who want to learn how to teach.


  • Fundamentals of a physiologically based singing technique in theory and practice
  • Methodology for training the singing voice
  • Functional hearing
  • Causes of voice problems
  • Recognition of voice problems and the correct way to deal with them
  • Group work, individual work within the group, teaching experience

Training for Singing Voice Therapy

Day / weekend training sessions for all professional groups doing therapeutic work with the voice, such as speech therapists, breath-, speech-, and voiceteachers, etc. who want further training especially in the area of singing voice therapy and work with professional singers.


  • Peculiarities of the singing voice
  • Most frequent voice problems of professional singers
  • Concepts and methods of the therapy
  • Practical group training
  • Typical individual work within the group

Singing Courses for Singers

Weekend /several day training sessions for singing students and singers in Master Class format.


  • Fundamentals of breathing and voice in theory and practice
  • Individual lessons in front of the group
  • Musical transposition possibly with a coach