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Ms. Ayasse promotes a philosophy of teaching that I both respect and promote; one of kindness and encouragement for the singer. As both a fine teacher and voice therapist, I would say that Gudrun Ayasse possesses the credentials of a great vocal professional.

David L. Jones

International Vocal Pedagogue


For private tuition, the topics are determined individually in accordance with the aims, needs, and abilities of the student.

The topics can include:

  • Vocal training and healthy singing technique
  • Work on particular weaknesses
  • Different styles
  • Learning repertoire ( technical, musical, stylistic)
  • Interpretation and presentation
  • Genuinely personal expression
  • Dealing with stage fright and stress
  • Healthy speech technique
  • Tone of voice tone, speech melody and speech tempo
  • Structuring text
  • Preparation for professional presentations, readings, casting sessions and performance situations

Singing lessons, vocal training and speech training generally take place in individual 60 minute lessons. School pupils, students and unemployed persons can have a reduction in fees on request.