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David Jones, International Vocal Pedagogue (NYC)

“Ms. Ayasse promotes a philosophy of teaching that I both respect and promote; one of kindness and encouragement for the singer. As both a fine teacher and voice therapist, I would say that Gudrun Ayasse posesses the credentials of a great vocal professional.

Gudrun Ayasse first contacted me to study the concepts of the Swedish/Italian School of vocal training when I was in Berlin. She posesses an incredibly beautiful Soprano voice with a wonderful balance, tremendous color, and a special ring. Her artistry is at the highest level and I loved working with her because of her high level of musicality, technique, and professionalism.”

www.schlaffhorst-andersen.com: Schule Schlaffhorst-Andersen

www.schlaffhorst-andersen.net: Freundeskreis der Schule Schlaffhorst-Andersen

Clara Schlaffhorst (1863-1945, Gründerin der Methode Schlaffhorst-Andersen): “Breathing and Voice”

“The term 'Schlaffhorst-Andersen School' is, to a certain extent, associated correctly in a general sense with a breathing school. This description is however one-sided. Our starting point was instead the art of music, the song, the treatment of the voice. In the tireless struggle and research for the restoration of my voice, wrecked by ignorant teachers in my earliest youth, we were lead to the area of breathing.”