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Gudrun Ayasse

Singer, voiceteacher, state-certified breath-, speech- and voiceteacher

As singing teacher and voice therapist I work mainly with professional singers who have voice problems or wish to improve their vocal or performance quality.

In collaboration with well-known phoneticists in Munich, in my practice I undertake the before- and after-care associated with microsurgical vocal cord operations.

Gudrun Ayasse first contacted me to study the concepts of the Swedish / Italian School of vocal training when I was in Berlin. She possesses an incredibly beautiful Soprano voice with a wonderful balance, tremendous color, and special ring. Her artistry is at the highest level and I loved working with her because of her high level of musicality, technique, and professionalism.

David L. Jones

International Vocal Pedagogue


  • Singing studies and opera training at the Indiana University School of Music and the Mozarteum in Salzburg
  • Master classes, singing and interpretation courses. Strongly influenced by my work with Jean Strawsky (USA) and David Jones (NYC)
  • Artistic work in the areas of opera, concert, and oratorio
  • Training as state-certified breath, speech and voice teacher after Schlaffhorst -Andersen
  • Additional training in the areas of yoga, movement, bodywork, breathing, voice, drama and psychology